AJ Tracey Fallowfield album party ends in £10k fine from Andy Burnham

Massive crowds of young people showed up on Sunday afternoon at Plattfields Park in Fallowfield, South Manchester, to see rapper AJ Tracey.

The artist announced on his Instagram story that he would be travelling to various locations in Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol to celebrate and promote his new album, Flu Game, which came out on Friday.

AJ first posted to his story this morning, announcing that he would be “linking up” with fans across the country on Sunday. Part of this would involve coming to Plattfields Park in the Manchester student-capital of Fallowfield at 4PM.

Source: AJ Tracey

After making a brief appearance in Birmingham, AJ headed up to Manchester in the afternoon.

Vans advertising the new album were present at the park from this time, however AJ made a pit stop at Jaks Kitchen in Bury for some food before arriving and was slightly delayed.

Source: AJ Tracey

Police then parted the way for a black van carrying AJ to make its way towards the park’s basketball court, after which point the artist took some pictures with some fans and also gave a small impromptu performance.

AJ’s stay was short lived however, as he soon bounced after realising how big the crowds that gathered were.

He later posted on his social media, apologising and explaining that he would no longer be travelling to Bristol, due to the unexpected number of people that turned up in Manchester and resultant £10k fine from Mayor Andy Burnham for the illegal event.

Source: AJ Tracey

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