Coolie links up with UK MCs to drop ‘Kisan’ in support of the India Farmer Protests

Coventry’s own Coolie has teamed up with multiple UK MCs to drop ‘Kisan’ in support of the ongoing Farmer Protests in India.

Having produced for the likes of Pa Salieu, JAY1 and many others, Coolie has now dropped his debut single ‘Kisan’, produced by himself and Hargo.

The track has been put out in support of the farmers in India, who are currently protesting against their livelihoods being taken away through new legislation passed by the Indian Government.

All proceeds from the track will go to Khalsa Aid International, a NGO who are doing everything they can to provide humanitarian aid to the farmers at the protest sites.

Jaz Dhami takes the hook of the song, in which he assures those listening that there’s no way that the voices of the farmers will be silenced. He goes on to say how they’re the sons of “lionesses”, this being in reference to the fact that the majority of farmers in India are of the Sikh faith, in which the lion is a symbol of courage.

Temz takes on the first verse, in which he draws attention to the important roles the farmers play in putting “food on the shelf” for everyone. He goes on to criticise Prime Minister Modi and accuse the UK Media of turning a “blind-eye”. His verse finishes with him announcing that he’s gonna play his part by “making noise” and drawing attention to the cause.

JAY1 and Tana share the second verse. JAY1 tells us how there’s “lies” all around, explaining how that’s why he’s making the stand in being part of the track. Tana draws attention to the fact that the farmers are being portrayed as the villains of the situation, but claims that if the Government takes from the poor, then they can’t expect totally peaceful protests.

J Fado then takes the final verse. He again draws attention to the fact that the media haven’t followed the cause enough, especially in light of it being the biggest protest known to mankind. Whilst others might do “backflips” to avoid confronting this issue, he’s “active” and speaking up on the issue.

It’s truly amazing and moving to see the UK rap scene come together in support of the farmers.

To stream Coolie and help contribute towards the cause, please click here.


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