Coronation Street star finds Python in Hale home

Harry Visinoni, who plays Seb Franklin on Coronation Street, found a 4-foot python on his toilet seat last Saturday.

The soap star had gone to brush his teeth in the bathroom of his Hale home last Saturday evening, when he was met with the alarming surprise.

After seeking the help of his girlfriend, the couple watched as the snake moved on top of the toilet and sat staring at them.

After discussing a plan of action, they returned to find that the python had disappeared. The two then apparently spent all night “dreaming about snakes”, before calling the RSPCA in the morning.

An animal rescue officer then arrived and eventually located the snake behind the bathroom radiator. She was then able to catch it using a pillow case.

The RSPCA believes that the snake escaped from its previous owner and into a wall cavity.

The snake, which has since been named ‘Lulu’, is a royal python. This species of snake are docile by nature and non-venomous, but can bite when threatened and use constriction to kill.

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