Crystal Millz sets the bar high with her Important Freestyle

Crystal Millz has dropped her ‘Important Freestyle’ on Mixtape Madness.

The freestyle is straight fire, seeing the artist show versatility with her varied flows and wordplay.

In the visuals we see Crystal surrounded by her mates who are all eager to show their love and support for her. It’s powerful to see this clear display of black feminine love, power, unity and pride, something that isn’t showcased enough in the scene.

The first half of the session sees Crystal go in hard with an infectious energy and fast-paced flow. The rapper puts her name firmly on the map, using a number of clever metaphors to show that she’s always on her toes and ready to put up a solid fight with anyone that challenges her.

The second half slows things down in terms of the instrumental, but sees Crystal continue to deliver softer yet still fast-paced and intricate bars. She continues to make reference to her grind, and also affirms her continued love for any friend she’s beefed with in the past.

In less than 24 hours the visuals are already approaching 10,000 views on YouTube.

Let us know what you thought of the freestyle @PieRadioUK.

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