DaBaby ignites the wrath of James Charles with JoJo Siwa lyric

DaBaby, JoJo Siwa and James Charles all walk into a bar… sounds like the start of a really bad joke, right?

Somehow these three celebrities have managed to find themselves at the centre of some Twitter drama, following the release of DaBaby‘s latest track.

The rapper released his ‘Beatbox ‘Freestyle” last Friday, which featured the line “You a b*tch, JoJo Siwa”.

For those of you that don’t know, JoJo Siwa is a 17 year old American performer and YouTube personality, best known for appearing on the TV series Dance Moms.

At first, some people were shocked and/or bemused, thinking that DaBaby was making a dig at the innocent teenager.

In reality however, DaBaby was simply using clever wordplay. “JoJo” refers to DaBaby himself, as his first name is actually Jonathan, and “Siwa” is an altered way of saying “see why”. So DaBaby was actually cleverly saying how he’s able to see through people who put on a facade.

He took to his Twitter multiple times to explain this.

In fact, he actually tweeted in support of the star.

Unfortunately, some people came particularly hard for DaBaby before he made this clarification, one of whom being YouTuber make up artist, James Charles.

One Twitter user joked that he should stay out of issues surrounding black music given he doesn’t understand it.

James responded quite defensively to these comments.

The Twitter user has since tried to emphasise that they were in fact joking.

What do you think about this whole situation? Should DaBaby have reached out to JoJo Siwa before using her name in his track? Was James Charles right to wade into the drama? Let us know @PieRadioUk

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