Disclosure: A documentary to watch on Trans Day of Visibility

Today (March 31st) is Trans Day of Visibility. Since 2009, the day has been used as a time to listen and respect the stories from trans individuals of all different backgrounds, centre their voices, and celebrate their existence.

If you yourself are not acquainted with any trans individuals, but still want to educate yourselves on some of the issues that trans people face on the daily, we recommend giving Disclosure a watch.

At just under 2 hours, the documentary provides a harrowing yet accurate look at Hollywood’s depiction of trans people, and these depictions effect the real lives of trans individuals and culture.

The film takes the viewer through time chronologically, explaining how the media has repeatedly been used in a way that perpetuates inaccurate and damaging perceptions of trans people.

Featuring film and TV excerpts, as well as interviews with famous trans actors and individuals in the film industry, this thought-provoking work is well worth your time.

Disclosure is available to watch on Netflix here.

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