Drake cancels the GRAMMYs

Canadian artist Drake has called for the GRAMMY awards to be replaced, following many artists claiming to have been snubbed of award nominations this year.

In a statement uploaded to his Instagram story, Drake claimed that we “should stop allowing ourselves to be shocked every year by the disconnect between impactful music and these awards“, citing The Weeknd as his main example on this occasion. He also stated that there was no point expecting the GRAMMYs to “change their ways”, and called for the start of something “new” to pass onto future generations.

The Weeknd did not receive any GRAMMY nominations this year, despite being a sure bet following the success of his latest album After Hours and lead single ‘Blinding Lights’. The artist took to Twitter to express his disappointment, before later revealing that the GRAMMYs had previously actually reached out to him with a performance opportunity for the show, despite his being snubbed of any award opportunities.


The GRAMMYs have since responded, saying they “empathised” with The Weeknd’s disappointment, but that some “deserving” acts miss out every year.

Drake listed a number of others acts that he felt should have received nominations but didn’t, including Lil Baby and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Drake has had something of a turbulent past relationship with the GRAMMYs, having refused to submit his record No Life for consideration in 2018, and expressed discomfort in 2017 when he won ‘Best Rap Song’ for ‘Hotline Bling’, which he claims is not a rap song.

In a music industry that is becoming increasingly more diverse, one wonders whether the GRAMMYs truly are outdated. What do you think – is Drake right? Should the GRAMMYs be replaced? Let us know your thoughts @pieradiouk.

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