Dutchavelli attempts to prove innocence with screenshot, but not everyone’s buying it…

Following allegations of paedophilia at the end of last year, Dutchavelli posted an image to his Instagram story earlier this week, which many are taking as an attempt from him to prove his innocence.

On March 12th, the 27 year old drill artist uploaded the following picture to his Instagram story:

dutchavelli claims innocent
Dutchavelli uploaded this image to his story.

The main things that the image confirms is that the case against Dutchavelli in regard to his past accusations of paedophilia has been closed. These included claims of him messaging a 14 year old.

It also asserts that the police believe evidence that has been put before them has been falsified.

Some people have taken the image as proof that the rapper, well known for his hits such as ‘808‘ and for being the brother of artist Stefflon Don, has not done anything wrong.


Many are not buying this as proof of the rapper’s innocence however, claiming that the report does not prove anything, and questioning as to how Dutchavelli can explain the voice notes exchanged between him and underage women, or his relationship with Teezandos whilst she was underage.



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