Dutchavelli under fire AGAIN…

After a less than favourable few days for Dutchavelli last week, it appears the rapper has again been placed in the hot seat.

From footage posted to his Instagram story on Monday, it would appear that Dutchavelli has jetted off to Dubai to get away from the drama. This didn’t stop him also delivering a quite threatening message however, in which he warned “dusty” rappers to keep his “name” out of their mouth, as to avoid another “loss” in the industry…

Such a message was inevitably going to lead to some form of response, and it would appear that the most interesting one was from KODEE. KODEE is the son of the late ‘Fox’, a member of Dutchavelli’s management team that was sadly killed in a drive-by shooting earlier this year.

In a story posted on his Instagram profile, KODEE appeared to take Dutchavelli’s threat as a personal attack and reference to his father’s passing. He then went on to accuse the rapper of engaging in paedophilic activity with his 14 year old cousin.


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Rapper Cbiz also took to his Snapchat to call out Dutchavelli over similar allegations.


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Though these allegations are yet to be proven, they follow last week’s revelation that Dutchavelli was involved in a sexual relationship with rapper Teezandos, who whilst just being a legal adult, is ten years younger than him.

Time will tell as to whether any escalation occurs regarding these allegations. What are your thoughts on the situation? Be sure to let us know @pieradiouk.

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