Handforth Parish Council’s Zoom Meeting Beef Goes Viral

The Cheshire suburb of Handforth has been shot into stardom, following their December Parish Council Zoom meeting going viral.

In a virtual meeting that can only be described as chaotic, the Council essentially splits into two opposing sides; that of Jackie Weaver, and the other for Chairman Brian Tolver.

To start off, one councillor mumbles “f**k off” at the start of the meeting.

Brian then seemed to find fault with the fact that the meeting had been called by two councillors in the first place, questioning its legitimacy.

He then turned his anger directly towards Jackie. This is due to the fact that she was acting as clerk due to the absence of their actual clerk.

Brian went on to claim that Jackie had no right to run the meeting and decide the points of order, or remove people for being rude.

Jackie then went on to try and explain that she did indeed this power, before Brian erupted with the iconic line “You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver!”.

This was enough for Jackie, who subsequently removed Chairman Brian from the chat.

Vice-Chair Aled Brewerton was furious about this, exclaiming “She’s kicked him out!”

Though Jackie tried to regain control following this, Aled was having none of it, screaming at the camera “The Vice-Chair’s here – I take charge! Read the standing orders – read them and understand them!”.

Jackie then kicked Aled out too, as well as councillor Barry Burkhill, who told her “you don’t know what you’re talking about”.

With these three removed, the rest of the group was free to discuss how rude and power-hungry Brian had been.

They also complained about how Chairman Brian had been calling himself the “clerk” in emails and in his Zoom name.

Jackie went on to say how such is ridiculous, joking that the rest of the group should “refer to me as Britney Spears from now on.”

Good one Jackie.

Councillor David Pincombe then tried to save the day and voice reason. He claimed that the absence of a permanent clerk had created a damaging power vacuum, and suggested that higher powers take control: “The parish council has been extremely dysfunctional…I believe it’s time for Cheshire East to step in and do something.”

The internet has found the whole thing hilarious, providing some well-needed entertainment in light of the ongoing COVID pandemic.

So far the internet seems to have come out in overwhelming support of Jackie, who appeared on BBC R4’s ‘Women’s Hour’ this morning.

Whose side are you on? Team Jackie or Team Brian? Let us know @pieraradiouk!


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