Justine Skye drops a Timbaland-produced slow jam: ‘Intruded’

Justine Skye has dropped her latest tune, ‘Intruded’, produced by Timbaland.

With Justine’s beautiful vocals, a swelling string accompaniment and a Timbaland beat, the song is a certified inclusion for any slow jams playlist.

The song talks of a relationship where both partners keep coming back to each other because their love is so irresistible. Even though they both may have their doubts, ultimately they don’t have much choice in the matter, because they’re so drawn towards one another.

In the visuals, we see Justine at the centre of attention in some kind of lab, surrounded by cameras and TVs. Though various celebrities try to contact Justine, including Lil Yachty, Bella Hadid, and Timbaland himself, she remains focused on herself in the video footage.

Speaking on the track, Justine said:

“Falling in love can make you feel kind of crazy … I wrote from a place of being completely enamoured but vulnerable enough to say it.”

You can stream ‘Intruded’ here.

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