Konan declares himself innocent following Princess Diamz claims

Karl Dominic “Konan” Wilson, of the hip-hop duo Krept & Konan, has been declared officially innocent following allegations of paedophilia from Dutchavelli’s sister, Princess Diamz.

A number of serious allegations of paedophilia were made against Dutchavelli earlier this week, including a lot of heat coming from rapper Bouncer.

Dutchavelli and Stefflon Don’s younger sister Princess Diamz then called Bouncer a hyprocrite for associating with paedophiles in the industry himself. As part of these allegations, she said Konan had participated in sexual activity with a 15 year old.

Following Princess Diamz’ posts, Konan took to Twitter to express his distress. He claimed that the allegations were false and that such were only being made for clout.

Krept was quick to jump to Konan’s defence, calling the allegations “disgusting”.

Konan even threatened to take legal action over the allegations.

Princess Diamz then appeared to backtrack from her claims, having since sent Konan a DM apologising for making them.

A lot of Twitter users have since expressed their concern over the fact that Dutchavelli’s sisters have continued to try and defend him.

Will you still be listening to Dutchavelli’s music following the recent evidence put out against him? Let us know your thoughts on this situation @pieradiouk.

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