KSI appears to leak future album artwork, ‘All Over The Place’

KSI appears to have accidentally leaked what looks like his future album artwork.

The YouTuber/rapper uploaded a new video to his channel on Wednesday titled ‘Try Not To Laugh (Inappropriate Edition)’.

At the end of the video, the screen panned out on some unseen artwork titled ‘All Over The Place’, whilst KSI’s recently released song ‘Don’t Play‘ was played in the background.

The artist later took to his Twitter to address the situation.

If the artwork is indeed for KSI’s future album then it definitely makes sense. He literally is ‘All Over The Place’, as seen in the image, which shows KSI at his desk, surrounded by his multiple computer monitors, YouTube plaques, speakers and boxing award.

He really has done it all – starting out on YouTube before entering the boxing ring with the likes of Joe Weller and Logan Paul, and even getting multiple top 10 hits on the UK charts such as ‘Don’t Play‘ and ‘Really Love‘.

We look forward to hopefully seeing more music released by KSI this year…

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