KSI demonstrates his versatility on latest track, ‘Patience’ featuring YUNGBLUD & Polo G

KSI has gone in harder than ever with his latest single; ‘Patience’ featuring YUNGBLUD & Polo G.

‘Patience’ is different to anything we’ve heard from KSI before, the involvement of YUNGBLUD expectedly adding a sense of punk-rock to his rap-R&B sound. Indeed, it’s hard to categorise this new track, as it seemingly incorporates elements from a number of different genres, which is what makes it truly stand out.

Whilst KSI takes the second verse and the bridge, YUNGBLUD covers the chorus and Polo G opens the track with the first verse.

KSI references his past during his verse, talking about his relationship with social media and how that played a negative part on his mental health. He explains how back in 2017, he needed a “little space to slow the brain”, after seeing a lot of content online that made him “hate”.

In the chorus, YUNGBLUD talks about how we’ve been “going through the changes” and therefore need some “patience”. This is of course in reference to the past year, where the whole world has been put in a sense of standstill as a result of the COVID pandemic.

The accompanying visuals are relatively dark in nature, showing the artists in settings such as a graveyard, woodlands, in the middle of a lake, and in a derelict building.

The release of ‘Patience’ follows the recent news that KSI has launched his own music label, ‘The Online Takeover’.

KSI has already confirmed that his upcoming sophomore album will be “fluid” in genre, featuring rap, drill, grime and pop. The rapper-YouTuber-boxer appeared to leak the artwork for this album recently.

Safe to say, if ‘Patience’ is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

You can stream ‘Patience’ on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms here.

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