Liverpool’s Deesee makes his visual debut with ‘Lessons’

Liverpool’s Deesee has made his visual debut with his latest track, ‘Lessons’.

On ‘Lessons’, Deesee acknowledges how he has done and continues to make mistakes, however that’s just part of life, and he knows he’s learning and growing from each one. With an assured confidence, he teases us of his pending blow up, saying “wait ’til they take man serious”.

The track’s unique instrumentation is comprised of a cruddy beat and heavy sub-bass, juxtaposed against a flamenco-style guitar loop and some trumpet ad-libs. Surprisingly these varying sounds come together to provide the perfect accompaniment to Deesee’s bars, delivered with ease and maintaining his classic Scouse accent.

In the visuals we see Deesee strolling around the seaside city on a surprisingly sunny day. For the rapper’s debut visuals, his hometown seems like the perfect authentic setting to put him firmly on the map.

The track is Deesee’s second of 2021, having dropped ‘Alive‘ with DJ Ironik earlier this year.

You can stream ‘Lessons’ here.

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