Marcus Rashford leads outrage over inadequate free school meal food parcels

Parents have been sharing images of the food parcels they’ve been given instead of £30 vouchers, and their lack of contents have sparked outrage.

Instead of £30 food vouchers, food parcels are being delivered to disavantaged families that are in need.

The amount of food provided instead of vouchers has been criticised as being inadequate however. A lot of families have claimed that they would be able to buy much more food with £30 than that which has been provided.

Marcus Rashford has expressed his concern on Twitter. The footballer is a well known advocator of ending child hunger, having lobbied the Government into continuing free school meals for children through the holidays twice last year.

Leader of the Opposition Keir Starmer has also raised his concern.

Some parcels were supplied by private firm Chartwells. The group has been accused of having links to the Conservative party, as their former chairman was once a member of David Cameron’s business advisory group.

Twitter users have expressed their outrage, alleging that the firm is effectively making a profit by only providing £5 worth of food where they should be providing £30.

The firm did respond to one of the tweets, claiming that they are investigating the inadequate package.


Marcus Rashford was able to organise a conversation with Chartwells and wrote a summary of some of the key points from this discussion. You can check out the thread below.

The footballer also advised anyone in need to check out his website dedicating to supporting disadvantaged families in need of food. If you are struggling, please access Rashford’s website here.

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