New Petition Demands Justice For Moston Suya

A new petition has surfaced demanding justice for Moston Suya, as the business remains unable to trade and its known racist attackers walk free.

David Kamson is the owner of small food business, Moston Suya. He’s run this business from his van, and has become an integral part of the Moston community.

He also gives food to homeless people and children with special needs.

Sadly, Kamson has been the victim of multiple racially-aggravated attacks. Last year, his van was stolen and damaged, with over £5000 worth of equipment being sold, and later on in September, his van was set on fire.

The man responsible for the first attack wasn’t charged, after lying and claiming that he bought the van himself. Following this, he continued to taunt David with racist insults, and claimed that the van should still be his. Shortly after this, the van was found burnt to the ground.

A GoFundMe account was set up soon afterwards, which thankfully raised £70,000 and helped get David back on his feet.

Unfortunately, since setting up his new van, the council have rejected numerous trading applications from David, meaning his business has been unable to function.

All this is happening whilst the known attackers of David’s business are still walking free and have not been brought to justice for either of the aforementioned crimes.

Because of this, a new petition has been set up with the following demands:

 1. The Council are called upon to reconsider their rejection of David Kamson’s application to trade in the car park requested.

  • If the council are unable to support the application for this location, a representative should work with David to find an alternative safe location in the local area. This is in line with the regulation of takeaway outlets being able to continue to trade during all tiers of lockdown.

2. The Greater Manchester police are asked to re-open the investigation into criminals responsible for both of these crimes, working with David’s family to ensure they receive proper safeguarding now and on an ongoing basis. 

You can sign the petition here.

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