North West London’s Vallen releases ‘License 2 Whip’

Up-and-coming North West London rapper Vallen has dropped his latest single ‘License 2 Whip’.

The track is unique in its blending of different genres to create a unique sound. It’s laidback in tempo, with Vallen delivering a melodic hook and spoken verses that give us old school hip-hop vibes. But the chime-like accompaniment and heavy beat bring the track right into place as a track from the 2020s. Additionally, Vallen adds in some trap-like ad-libs which overall give ‘License 2 Whip’ a distinctive flavour of its own.

The single is Vallen’s first of 2021, after a successful 2020 with the dropping of his second EP The Art of Raw: Chapter II, as well as multiple singles.

We look forward to seeing what else Vallen brings throughout the year.

You can stream ‘License 2 Whip’ here.

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