NoSpaceMCR link up with True Aubz for ‘Grape Juice’

NoSpaceMCR have linked up with fellow Manchester artist True Aubz for ‘Grape Juice’.

The dancehall track is an absolute vibe, serving as the perfect accompaniment for sipping a grape juice in the summer sunshine.

Whilst NoSpace start the track with a smooth part-spoken, part-melodic delivery, True Aubz joins the track half way through to add her sweet vocals to the mix. Joining her are some subtle string countermelodies, providing interesting contrast to the ongoing percussive loop.

My only contention with the track is the mango slander, i.e. “we don’t want the mango”, which I would argue is superior personally, but the song is a bop so we’ll allow it I suppose…

You can stream ‘Grape Juice’ here.

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