Not3s, Dutchavelli and Mike Boateng exposed on Twitter

The Twitter timeline kicked off last night when a bizarre domino effect of exposés occurred.

The tea started when Yassy (best known as part of the Youtube sister duo Yas and Hals), made an exclusive reveal to The Shade Borough. In this, she claimed that musician Not3s had recently made attempts to rekindle their past romance, whilst being in a relationship with his pregnant long-term girlfriend, Aliyah Raey.

Not long after, a separate Tik Tok video began making waves across Twitter. In it, a young woman had put together a collation of clips, asserting that she has been linking up with rapper Dutchavelli. The clips included videos of the two together, recorded phone conversations, and what appears to be the girl throwing her underwear at Dutchavelli’s dog.

Twitter users were quick to find the comedic element in the video, many finding it amusing that the girl would post such a video for “clout”.

THEN – just when things couldn’t get any bizarre, in a since privated tweet, Jadene Angela took to the site to expose Winter Love Island contestant Mike Boateng of a similar situation to Not3s.

Again, however, many Twitter users found the exposé amusing and somewhat irrelevant.

After this interesting series of events on Twitter, what are your thoughts on each situation? Be sure to let us know @pieradiouk.

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