Pique Roscoe delivers a new hip-hop number ‘Told The Connect’

Manchester’s Pique Roscoe has delivered a new hip-hop track, ‘Told The Connect’, complete with accompanying visuals.

The track has a proper old-school hip-hop vibe to it, almost jazz-like with the laidback beat, bass and looped piano chords, but the guitar riff adds a different flavour to the mix. Pique’s bars, whilst fitting in well with the accompaniment, also serve to bring us back to 2021, his strong Manny accent and flow being unmistakably modern in style.

Pique raps with confidence, calling himself “immaculate” and noting how they now play his music “coast to coast”. He talks mainly of the street life, and whilst remaining quite laidback in delivery, serves threats towards anyone who dares cross him.

The visuals are largely set at a skatepark by night, and we see Pique delivering his bars as he walks up and down the ramps.

You can stream ‘Told The Connect’ here.

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