Richest Black person alive Aliko Dangote enters 2021 in scandal…

Aliko Dangote has had a wild start to 2021….

Things started to kick off when American restauranteur Bea Lewis (33), alleged that Dangote (63), the richest Black person in the world, dated her and broke her heart.


aliko dangote bea lewis allabouta nigeria richest man billionaire exposed nigergian allarounda1

Though Lewis claims that Dangote broke her heart “into 1000 pieces”, the post largely appears to praise him for changing her perspective and work ethic over the course of 2020.

Dangote is a Nigerian businessman, known for being the wealthiest person in Africa, and the richest Black person worldwide, with a net worth of $13.5 billion.

Lewis made the post as the world entered 2021, and has since gained 13,000 followers. Amongst a number of achievements she claims to have succeeded in the past year, she purchased “two properties” and obtained a “profitable stock portfolio”.

THEN, things got even more interesting…

A new Instagram account went viral shortly after (@allarounda1), claiming to currently be dating Dangote and that Lewis’ story was not true.

aliko dangote bea lewis nigeria richest black man alive africa allaround
The Instagram account allegedly uploaded evidence of Dangote denying his involvement with Lewis.

As part of this evidence, the Instagram account answered a number of questions, in the process of which uploading a rather revealing photo of Dangote…

aliko dangote bea lewis allabouta nigeria richest man billionaire exposed nigergian allarounda1

The internet obviously went nuts after this picture began circling, and as usual, Twitter delivered…

Some rose to Dangote’s defence however, claiming he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Others were quick to point out certain double standards in finding humour in the situation also, given recent public reaction to Nigerian Rahama Sadau’s wearing of a dress that exposed her back.

What do you think – has Dangote done anything wrong? Should we be finding this situation funny? Are there double standards at play here with regards to gender? Let us know your thoughts @pieradiouk

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