Riz Ahmed gets candid with Esquire

Riz Ahmed’s recent candid interview with Esquire has provided an insightful BAME perspective on the past few months of the Covid-19 pandemic. The multi-talented actor and musician made reference to significant roles played by key workers:

“Everyone coming out to clap these key workers…make no mistake about what that population looks like. It doesn’t look like some of our right-wing press and politician’s ideas of what Britain should look like, yet it’s the backbone of what’s kept Britain going through this time.”

As well as discussing music and film, he also shared his thoughts on the topics of diversity and tokenism, and identity and BAME representation within the media, discussions surrounding which he has previously taken as far as the House of Commons.

Ahmed calls his latest musical project ‘The Long Goodbye‘, a break-up record for Britain, which he released in March earlier this year. Throughout the album, he covers different stages of grief one goes through during a relationship ending, making reference to the fact that whilst he, like many other BAME individuals, considers Britain to be his home, he is consistently told by others that it is not.

His previous musical works have covered similar multi-cultural topics, such as his 2016 mixtape ‘Englistan‘ which documents the struggles of living within the Pakistani diaspora in Britian.

Perhaps Ahmed’s most famous acting credit is his leading role in the Channel 4 dark satire film ‘Four Lions‘. His most recent film ‘Mogul Mowgli‘, written and produced by Ahmed, revolves around a British-Pakistani rapper who contracts an auto-immune disease. Be sure to check out the film when it premieres in the UK at the end of this month.


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