Sidemen Tinder In Real Life Returns

The Sidemen have released their latest edition of ‘Tinder In Real Life’ on YouTube, additionally featuring Chunkz, Harry Pinero and Yung Filly.

As always, the video started with a disclaimer that all content within the video is not to be taken seriously.

sidemen tinder in real life returns
The disclaimer shown at the start of the video.

Harry seemed to have converted for the day, cracking a number of (family friendly) Islam-themed jokes.

Vik seemed to have thrown all caution to the wind this episode, consistently deliberately ruining his chances of being swiped right. Until it came back to hit him where it hurts…

Filly lost complete sense of tactful boundaries with one of his comments.

Harry Pinero had particular beef with one of the girls of some reason…

He later addressed the incident on Twitter.

Chunkz was able to break some kind of record, managing to win a swipe right from every single girl involved!

Head over to the Sidemen channel on YouTube for more Tinder in Real Life videos and more!

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