slowthai and A$AP Rocky release trippy visuals for MAZZA

slowthai and A$AP Rocky have released ‘MAZZA’, alongside an accompanying music video.

“MAZZA” is short for “Mazzalean”, a British slang word for doing something crazy, or for something that is “mad”.

The production of the track is relatively bare, but the two rappers pack a plentiful amount of lyricism into the three-minute song. The main theme of ‘MAZZA’ is self-reflection, featuring lyrics such as “now I’m energised, I’m more precise.”

The video is set in different rooms of a hotel, in which slowthai and A$AP Rocky appear to be tripping quite significantly on an unknown substance. The rappers’ faces and their surroundings are constantly warped, and many unexplained happenings occur throughout.

slowthai’s ‘TYRON’ is set to be released in the first week of February. He has already released a few tracks from the record, including ‘nhs‘ and ‘feel away‘ featuring James Blake.

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