The Next Slice link up with KAMFILM

This week, The Next Slice are joined by media production company Kamfilm.

Kamfilm are young self run company, with Kylo, Fin and Jamsine playing the key roles, alongside many other talented people who work with Kamfilm on a regular basis.

During this episode, the group touch on how Kamfilm was originally started, and how being young doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a career/start a business.

As they move on through the episode, the group speak about how the after affects of the Super League has led to fans rushing Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. They speak about why the fans are so outraged and are trying to make a statement, covering the build-up of the previous years.

The group then switched over to discuss how a lot of people in today’s generation are firm believers in astrology, following the star signs that relate to the month and time you were born. They also speak about how your personality (according to your star signs) can actually change throughout the day.

Coming towards the end of the episode, the group touch on how putting a lot of time and effort into making content to go out is hard enough, but for it then to not get the recognition it deserves is worse. They conclude that you just have to keep moving forward with it, and try not to get disheartened.

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