The Next Slice link up with M1 Podcast

On this week’s episode of The Next Slice, Connor and Billy are joined by another Manchester based podcast, M1, leading to one of the funniest episodes they’ve recorded yet.

They start the episode off by discussing how the M1 boys got into podcasting, and how quickly they have built up a solid fan base/set up. The boys then quickly got on to how Mordz is more into shooting music videos, whilst SK is an artist himself.

The group touch on a lot of topics regarding how they all clearly had further issues, and unfortunately for SK he seems to have got the brunt of it all. As Connor and Billy had been on the M1 podcast previously, it’s led to Billy and SK having continuous beef with each other and each other’s hairlines.

The guys also got onto the topic of them all being Manchester United fans, and their opinions on the Super League and how quickly Ed Woodward was to leave the club with his bold statements, even as a founding club member.

As they enjoy the vibe and the continued funny moments, the group have decided to split this episode up into 2, with Part 2 coming soon…

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