Trevor Troopz tells us how growing up in Manchester isn’t always ‘Calm Seas’

Trevor Troopz has delivered a track and visuals authentic to Manny – ‘Calm Seas’.

He begins the track by making reference to the title: “Calm seas never made a good sailor”, i.e. experiencing turbulence in life makes you more adept at dealing with problems when they do inevitably come around again.

Trevor delivers his bars with ease over a laidback beat by Mikey Joe, making reference to growing up and his South Manchester roots as a “Fallowfield native” and “Platt Lane-er”. We see various settings around South Manchester throughout the visuals, as Trevor makes his way through the city with his posse.

He claims to not care about the “scene”, focusing purely on himself and “rapping with a passion”. Trevor also criticises those that claim to be involved in the gang life just for the “views”, before giving his opinion on the various crews from different areas of Manchester.

Trevor recently appeared on Pie Radio – if you didn’t catch his interview, make sure to check it below.

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