Tribute track goes viral following the tragic passing of Stockport’s ‘Golden Boy’

A track in dedication to Stockport’s ‘Golden Boy’, Kye Brotherton, has already amassed over 50,000 views on YouTube.

At only sixteen years of age, Kye sadly lost his life last month in a car accident. Since then, tributes have flooded in across social media, for an individual that many remember as being the life of the party, with an infectious energy that was loved by countless others.

Kenz and Jbmcr (Kye’s girlfriend and best friend respectively), have since come together to admirably write, record, produce and release a tribute track within a week of Kye’s passing. Having been uploaded to YouTube on 20th November, ‘Kyes Paradise’ received thousands of views within the past few weeks, and is now approaching the 60,000 mark.

We caught up with the two artists to find out more about how this track came to fruition.


Who was Kye to you?

Kenz: Kye to me was my first love. Not only that, but my best friend. Anywhere he went, I went, and anywhere I went, he came too. We were completely crazy for each other and it still doesn’t feel real that he’s no longer here. 

Jbmcr: Kye was one of my close friends, and I was one of his many. Kyle had a lot of best friends, but that was  because of how nice he was – everyone wanted to be his mate.

Kyes Paradise kyle brotherton stockport bramhall hall moss lane crash tribute track death police chase kenz jbmcr sixteen car
Kye and Kenz.
Kyes Paradise kyle brotherton stockport bramhall hall moss lane crash tribute track death police chase kenz jbmcr sixteen car
Jbmcr with Kye.


How did the song come about? What was the creative process behind it?

Kenz: JB has been producing music for a while now. I also love music, but I was always too scared to sing in front of anyone before this. When Kye sadly passed however and JB was thinking of making a song dedicated to him, I decided that the circumstances were completely different – I no longer cared what anybody thought of me. My love for Kye meant I would do anything, without a care in the world, as long as I kept his memory alive. Me and JB sat for some time thinking of the lyrics and the ways in which we wanted people to remember Kye. Being people in such close association with him meant that the song came together almost instantly. 

Jbmcr: The passing of Kye was hard on a lot of people. For me personally, my way of coping is spending time with others so we can heal together. Spending time with Kenzie was good for me and the idea of a song came up in conversation not long afterwards. We spent hours perfecting the song and were dedicated from the minute we came up with the idea. It was the first real thing that put a smile on my face since Kye passed.


Is there a favourite lyric from the song for you? If so, why?

Kenz: Personally, my favourite lyric from the song would be “light up the room with your green eyes”. Kye was always the centre of attention (without even trying), as his personality outshone everyone else’s. Wherever he was, people would be drawn to him – he was beautiful inside and out. The only way I can explain his personality would be to say he was the “life of the party” x 1000. You’ll never meet anyone like him.

Jbmcr: My favourite lyric is “taken too fast but he was never going slow though”. This has a deep meaning as Kye obviously loved anything with an engine in it and would go as fast as he could. This is also in reference to the fact that Kye was always on the move – a very hyperactive lad – almost as if he had a big engine inside him.

Kyes Paradise kyle brotherton stockport bramhall hall moss lane crash tribute track death police chase kenz jbmcr sixteen car
The music video for Kyes Paradise features many shots of his famous green eyes.


The song has already got over 50,000 views on YouTube. How do you think Kye would’ve felt about that?

Kenz: The song was liked and shared far more than I expected. Kye would have been so proud, not just of me and JB, but of how strong everyone close to him have been, and how supportive we have all been towards each other. Kye also having loved attention, so he would have been so excited that all this was for him. He would have been so happy to see how many people cared about him.

Jbmcr: The support for Kyes Paradise is a different kind than I have ever personally witnessed before. People from all over who have no connections to Kye have been showing their respect and condolences and sharing the track, which really is aimed to tell the true story of our golden boy.


Where can people find the song? Do you have any other new music coming out soon?

Kenz: People are able to view this on Youtube via my instagram bio @kenzie_digs. It will also be published on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud etc. under the title Kyes Paradise. Right now, my main priority is supporting not just my own needs, but also everyone else’s that were close to Kye, particularly his family. I felt this song was the best way to express my emotion, and to give everyone something to listen to in order to find some comfort in light of such an unexpected death. My purpose was to make sure he will forever be remembered in a positive light, as that’s what he deserves! Despite this song only being made due to a tragic accident, I may continue music in the future. If Kye’s death has taught me anything, it is that life is so short and to always do what makes you happy. Therefore, I know Kye would want me to pursue my music, and it is something I will be considering in due time. 

Jbmcr: The track has recently been dropped on Spotify and Apple Music and is soon to be put on TikTok, Instagram etc. It has a video on YouTube which you can find the link to via mine and Kenzie’s Instagram profiles. I do in fact have my biggest project yet on the way, due to surprise many…


Kyes Paradise is available to stream on YouTube below. Kenz and Jbmcr are also due to make an appearance on a future episode of ‘The Next Slice‘, so make sure to look out for that.

Pie Radio offers its deepest condolences to Kenz, Jbmcr, Kye’s family, friends, and all others who are mourning the loss of Stockport’s ‘Golden Boy’.

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