Young Black man dies from injuries sustained in Welsh Police custody

Mohamud Hassan was a 24 year old Black Muslim man, who died shortly after being taken into police custody in Cardiff.

On the evening of Friday 8th January 2021, Hassan was arrested at his flat in Cardiff. After what has been described as a “massive commotion“, he was arrested on suspicion of breach of peace.

Hassan was released from Cardiff Bay Police Station without charge the following morning.

Upon his return home, residents of his building were shocked at the injuries that Hassan had been subjected to.

He returned home wearing blood-stained clothes, appearing severely bruised and bleeding from the mouth.

Hassan told his family that he had been tasered TWICE, kicked in the head, suffered facial injuries, and dislocated his knee. They also noted how there appeared to be bite marks all over his body.

His aunt has since told the BBC that these injuries were not present when Hassan was arrested, implying that they must have occurred during his time in police custody.

After going through his horrific ordeal, Hassan simply wanted some rest, and said he would seek medical attention later.

When his friend tried to wake him a few hours later, he was unresponsive. This friend then called an ambulance, the first responder reportedly arriving on a bike

As Hassan’s bedroom was too small to administer CPR, he had to be moved into the kitchen area with the friend’s assistance. Shortly after this, two more paramedics arrived and pronounced Hassan dead.

10 police cars are claimed to have then arrived at the scene and cordoned off the flat. Hassan’s family were prevented from seeing his body, which was left on the kitchen floor until the following morning.

The family claims that they have been poorly treated by the police, and were given little information throughout the ordeal.

South Wales Police has referred itself to the Independent Office for Police Conduct, however evidence of excessive force/misconduct has not been found so far.

Over the past 10 years, 164 people have died in or following police custody in England and Wales, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). Though according to the 2011 census, Black people account for 3% of the population, they accounted for a disproportionate 8% of these deaths.

Hassan’s death has ignited numerous protests in Cardiff, many of which taking place outside Cardiff Bay police station where he was held.

Lawyers for Hassan’s family have released a statement:

“We want somebody to try to explain to us why a young, healthy man was arrested by South Wales Police with no apparent injuries to his body, and as a result of being released from Cardiff Bay Police Station … he was badly marked with bruising and cuts, and within hours was dead.”

You can donate to Mohamud’s GoFundMe page for his funeral arrangements and legal fees here.

black lives matter.

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