It’s easy to tune in and listen to your favourite Pie Radio shows, anywhere, any time. You can use any of the following methods:

DAB Manchester

You can now listen to Pie Radio on DAB Digital Radio, just search for us on your radio’s station list. We broadcast on the Manchester small-scale DAB service, which can be received across the City of Manchester and surrounding areas.

To listen to us on DAB you will need a DAB+ compatible radio. The majority of modern DAB radios are compatible, including all radios that carry the Digital Radio Tick Mark. Many DAB radios will discover Pie Radio automatically, but as our DAB service is new some radios may need retuning first before we appear on your station list.

Alexa Smart Speakers

You can listen to Pie Radio on Alexa smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo. Just say ‘Alexa, play Pie Radio’ to listen to us using the Pie Radio skill.

You can also ask Alexa what song is currently playing on Pie Radio, just say ‘Alexa, ask Pie Radio what’s currently playing’.

Pie Radio App

Pie Radio is available on the go, wherever you are, via the Pie Radio mobile app. The app is available for iOS devices via the App Store, and for Android devices via Google Play. Just download the app and hit play.

download the pie radio app on google play

The app also lets you see what songs have recently played when your favourite shows are on air and all the latest content from the Pie Radio website.


Our online player can be found along the bottom of every page on this website, just click the play icon to start listening.