Morning Breakfast w/ Miss Penny

The Breakfast Show with Miss Penny brings you positive vibes to start your mornings correctly! Bringing you R&B, Old School, Afrobeats, Soul & more! Special guests, industry insight & exclusive interviews every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

No Filter Effect w/ Yolanda

An Afrocentric show that keeps it all real. With your host Yolanda Damoyi aka Lady Yola, where we discuss black representation in pop culture, morals and values. Aswell unpacking topics as religion and love within the community.

Monday Motion w/ Alice & Emmie

Bringing you a fresh new take to your Monday afternoon, Alice and Emmie provide you with a weekly dose of your favourite old-time bangers, a drop of the classic indie bops, and a feel-good-vibe destined to get you on your feet.

Drive Time With Jade and Dani

Your Mid Week pick me up bringing you all the opinions and positive vibes from all the hottest artist you need to listen to right now.

The Northern Response Show w/ DJ Harney

DJ Harney providing you with the hottest Hip-Hop and Rap songs from across the globe, with special guests and mixes. 

Sub Merge w/ Aggie

A wide selection of UK bass music, from dub to jungle to garage to grime, revealing her weekly pick of the freshest cuts and finest classics. Featuring guest mixes from Manchester DJs, focuses on particular labels/artists, clashes and interviews.

The Deep Vibes Show

Tune in relax kick back & let the music take control
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