After Callum walked out with Molly as expected all hell was about to break, loose as we saw Nas couple up with Eva, Mike with Priscilla, Shaugna and Demi with thin air, Siannise with Luke T, Luke W and Natalia, Paige stick with Fin and Barbie and Thanos or as we know them as Jess and Ched.

Ched from love island 2020

Trying to stay strong shaughna keeps insisting she’s fine clearly falling apart before heading back inside before Callum goes to chat to her to clear the air.

With multiple rumours of Shaughna leaving on twitter. She says throughout the episode how she couldn’t stay at the villa while Callum and Molly crack on.

Twitter reacts to shaughna

The age old love island text pops up the next day. Shaughna and Molly are left to talk about it but drama aside in preview we see this guy enter the villa ….

Things about to “get busy” in the villa nothings gonna sticky “like glue” and the heats gonna be at the right “temperature” so hold on to your hats and your Jamaican flags it’s gonna be emotional.