Saudi Hip Hop pioneer, Big Hass speaks with ‘Conflict Of Interest‘ rapper Ghetts in the 96th episode of ‘Buckle Up With Big Hass‘.

Buckle Up With Big Hass sees Big Hass pick up artists and take them for a drive. The YouTube series started in 2018, and since then Big Hass has interview 96 musicians. This time around, Big Hass is joined by Ghetts over Zoom to talk about his groundbreaking album Conflict Of Interest.

Big Hass hosts the first and only Hip-Hop radio show in Saudi, and as such, he kicked off the interview by asking Ghetts “why hip-hop?”. Ghetts refers to the loved genre as “one big melting pot”, expressing how he felt there ‘was always a place for his voice and story to be heard’.

Conflict Of Interest was praised by critics, Alexis Petridis saying the album ‘feels like the work of an artist who’s in it for the long haul rather than short-term rewards’. Although Conflict Of Interest isn’t Ghetts’ first album, when receiving feedback on his project Ghetts humbly said: “I was extremely overwhelmed to see the feedback, you know from many different people from different walks of life, and thats what I appreciated the most”.

Ghetts tells Big Hass how he took some time for self reflection when creating Conflict Of Interest, saying: “I had to really look at myself as an individual and say; bare your truth and it will connect”. Ghetts endeavoured to create an album for people going through the same struggles as he did, that may not be able to voice these struggles themselves but can relate to the music.

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When asked why he created this kind of album now, Ghetts replied: “I’m way more secure within myself as a man, as a human being, where I don’t care about maybe seeming vulnerable as a rapper”. Conflict Of Interest is a true testament to the many different sides of Ghetts’ character, telling his audience it’s okay to be who you are and to voice your vulnerabilities.

Buckle Up With Big Hass touches on some of the main aspects behind Ghett’s album, from its inspiration, to the hardest song he had to write, and to the people who helped  him make it happen.  

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