Boris Johnson announced a one month national lockdown in response to the rising COVID-19 cases in a bid to “save Christmas”. But what about Eid and Diwali?

Yet again, Boris Johnson polarises the Asian community in announcing a national lockdown just a few weeks before Diwali. This year Diwali is taking place on Saturday November 14th. Not to mention, the evident Islamophobic placing of Manchester’s previous localised lockdown.

Manchester’s Localised Lockdown

Implemented the day before Eid, the previous localised lockdown for Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and East Lancashire took place on July 31st. The lockdown banned families from meeting up in households which subsequently scrapped Eid.

Eid celebrations traditionally take place with extended family in one household. The lockdown which prevented this union was a direct attack on Muslim communities. While the Muslim community was impacted, life for the non-muslim population continued as normal; the public carried on meeting in pubs, bars and shopping malls.

The second lockdown

The implementation of a second lockdown, just a few weeks before Diwali,  is yet another jab at the Asian community. This year Boris has cancelled Diwali, as he has ordered everyone to remain inside in order to “save” Christmas. Consequently, Hindu’s and Sikh’s will banned from celebrating Diwali with their family. Boris Johnson’s willingness to save Christmas and not Diwali or Eid shows the governments disregard of the Asian community.