Giggs is the latest artist to step up to the Daily Duppy booth and spit a fire freestyle.

Presently at 39 years of age, Giggs has maintained a high level of lyrical aptitude throughout his career, sustaining his title as a UK rap artist as the sound of the UK shifts more towards drill and further away from grime.

At his core, Giggs is an MC, and proves that every time he steps up to the mic. As the latest artist to enter the booth for GRMDaily’s ‘Daily Duppy’ his freestyle unleashed some hard bars, detailing the UK streets and his position in the rap game through his infamous haunting delivery.

Offering straight-talking bars from the onset, Giggs remains calm and collected as he lets off his lyrical flow, delivered in his unique tempo and notorious cadence.

The freestyle definitely solidified his reputation to deliver dense, trap-influenced productions.

Throughout the freestyle, Giggs makes references to popular culture and current social issues. The rapper also touches on his criminal past and gang lifestyle, something he’s never been shy about, saying: “Back on that gang ting // Ice cream man, back on that van ting // Can’t see man, MAC on that hand ting // Like He-Man, Battlecat, camping”

Catch Giggs’ freestyle above and let us know what you think @pieradiouk.