Hundreds of Mancunians marched the streets of Manchester on Sunday to protest the seemingly never-ending Covid-19 restrictions put on the city. 

As lockdown ended last week, Manchester was thrown straight into Tier 3. It’s evident that residents are angry at how the restrictions have affected their city. 

The protests made their way down Market Street before the crowd gathered in Piccadilly Gardens. The event was allegedly organised by personal trainer Paul Boys who was seen delivering a speech at the protest.

Despite the protests appearing peaceful, protesters were crammed closely together unable to safely socially distance, with many not wearing masks.

Since lockdown was lifted on December 2nd, Manchester and the majority of the North have entered Tier 3 which has the following restrictions:

  • Hospitality to remain shut
  • You cannot meet socially indoors or in most outdoor places with anybody you do not live with
  • Indoor entertainment and tourist venues must close
Anti Lockdown protest tier 3 manchester north anti vax COVID coronavirus picadilly gardens

Protestors gathered in Piccadilly Gardens.

Shaunna Burns, a student from Manchester, was working in the city when the protests were taking place. 

She wrote a Facebook status describing how 3 protesters stormed into her workplace. According to Shauna, the women screamed at her for simply wearing a mask which is mandatory now in all shops. 

We spoke to Shaunna to find out more about the incident on Sunday.

Shaunna said; “Three women that went to the protest came into my work afterwards and I said they couldn’t come in without a mask. They started shouting at me, telling me it was my fault the pandemic is ongoing because I’m “complying”.

It honestly just makes me feel like there’s no hope. I think that if everyone put the same amount of energy into protecting each other from the virus, the pandemic would be a lot less worse.”

She added: “They were clearly older women too – for all they knew I could have been a teenager at work, so for them to unknowingly attack me for protecting myself just shows the extent that these people will go to to try and prove others wrong.

These anti-vac/anti-mask protesters honestly think the NHS is lying to us. It’s so sad to think that the key workers that risk their lives every day for us are being taken for granted by protesters.”

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