Lethal Bizzle gets reflective in new track and visual ‘Million Pound Dream‘.  This is definitely a different energy from the Dench entrepreneur who usually releases ‘turn up’ party music showcasing his luxurious lifestyle of fast cars, exotic locations, models and occasional jab at N-Dubs.

Lethal raps

“Yeah, don’t go broke trying to look rich fam act your wage
Nuttin’ wrong having a 9 to 5 long as your getting paid
Online your a millionaire real life your on minimum wage
I don’t know who these guys are tryna impress today”

Encouraging his listeners who may be on the come up to not get sucked into living a fake lifestyle for social media and that “nothing happens before its time… go back to grind … I stay wid it yeah stay wid it g“.  This is a message we 100% appreciate. 

Watch the video above and let us know what you think.