A Manchester-based musician and band have earned the support of The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess, resulting in a slot at Kendal Calling next year.

The band, put together by lead musician Rhys Eccles, makes refreshing indie-pop music, taking inspiration from Disco and the Indie genre.

According to guitarist and keys player Jack Iddon, the band is heavily influenced by The Smiths and New Order.

Jack met Tim Burgess whilst working on the barriers at Crewe station and asked for a photograph with the star.

He then managed to grab the phone number of Tim’s management.

“Upon joining the band I shared Rhys’ music with the management of Ogenesis records via text.

“He called me back explained that he and Tim loved the songs, and he managed to get us radio play on [BBC] Radio 6 music with Tim Hawkins.

“He also explained he would give Rhys a slot at Kendal Calling.”

Jack talked a bit about what the support from someone like Tim means to them.

He said: “From Rhys’ perspective having a link to Tim and Kendal Calling is massive.

“It’s nice to know we have that backing and also advice from people in the music industry liking his songs.

“Having said that, he is sure to create his own wave through his infectious sound and personality”

On Twitter Rhys said he was “proper buzzing” to get his first national radio play this morning on BBC Radio 6.

Jack added: “Rhys writes 2/3 songs a day and is the main creative force behind the project.

“I have always known Rhys was a good songwriter. He released the track ‘Love Is A Pleasure’ in April 2020 – I immediately knew it was a banger.”

You can listen to Love Is A Pleasure and more tunes from Rhys and the band on Spotify linked below or on YouTube.

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Featured image of Rhys Eccles: Taken by Shaun Peckham.