SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards explores the stigma around mental illness and wellbeing within the music industry, the impact of social media, and coping mechanisms.  In this documentary Jamal meets Dave, Sasha Keable, and Despa Robinson to share their stories, along with health professionals to understand why “musicians are three times more likely to suffer from depression than the general public.”

Personally, I believe anyone working in the creative sector, content creators, photographers, videographers, directors, designers, artists, producers, managers, entrepreneurs etc. have a much higher chance of suffering from mental illness.  Many due to the pressure of what they’re doing, their the need to prove to their family they have a “real job”, some because they’re ambitious and have set goals that they want to achieve.

Anyway, well done to Jamal for covering the topic, and the artists for speaking up. I really hope there are plans to make this into a series that covers how to spot when a friend or family is going through it and how to help them manage it.

Enjoy the 20 minutes video, leave your comments and share your coping practices. If this documentary affects, scroll the description section for information on where to get help.