Motto Estate have finally released a Cypher, including all nine members.

Despite the individuals being from various locations, we’re proud to know the rap collective Motto Estate was born in Manchester.

Motto Estate, formed of nine members, have released their first track which includes the whole collective.

Having previously only released songs with selected members, Motto Estate would usually only appear all together for pre-pandemic live shows.

Makers of Hair of the Dog, Unruly and Gawgeous join together for a very special project.

Cypher, which was first teased last December, has been hugely anticipated and was finally released on Sunday.

Giving us an Oldie vibe, you see all nine members in one room, rapping (and giving us some vocals) to one beat.

In order of appearance, you hear:

Titu, Degie, Teddy Good, Kenso, Morgo, Beije, Cid The Chemist, Katarungu aka Soda, and last but not least Dan Anthony

Together they have distinct voices that come together to create a harmony of hip hop with a mix of complex word play.

“I don’t want no drama in my life” seems to be the motto of Motto as they all refrain this bar from Soda at the end of Cypher.

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