The third episode of ‘Pie Radio Weekly Rundown’ presented by Janay Maya, your weekly news and update condensed.


What’s going on people I’m Janay Maya, and you’re locked into the Pie Radio Weekly Rundown. So Smoke Buys formerly known as Section Boys have released that they will be dropping a final project with each, All The Smoke. So after making waves in the mid-2010 era of the rap scene, Section Boys, released tracks, such as Lock arff and Trappin ain’t dead. So it will be such a shame to see the group part ways. All The Smoke is out now on all platforms. Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite track on the album. The Rap Game UK is back on BBC Three for a second series.


The show sees rappers like Zones from Kent and Graft from Leeds go head to head in battle to see who the best rapper is in the UK. You can now watch The Rap Game UK on BBC Iplayer, let us know in the comments down below who your favourite artist is. And now some local news, prime minister, Boris Johnson has announced a new national lockdown in hopes to save Christmas. Given schools and universities, an exemption the UK will now go into a new lockdown from Thursday, the 5th of November.


Takeaways will stay open and also workplaces for the people who are unable to work from home. People will only be allowed to leave the household for essential shopping, exercise, education, and also work. What are you guys going to get up to in lockdown number two? Let us know in the comments down below. So most you people have probably seen the video surfacing around the internet of a young school girl getting abducted by a 26-year-old male in the Mitcham area. And with the help of the public, police were able to find and arrest the suspect in his home.


So now for some sports news, football, and Pogba has threatened to take some legal actions against The Sun newspaper after announcing some fake news. The newspaper stated that Pogba would be quitting international football, following what the French president said about the Muslim community. And we’ve since learned that that is not the case. So after 14 years, Arsenal has finally beat Manchester United at their home ground Old Trafford, winning one, nil.


I’ve been your girl Janay Maya and this has been PIe Radio’s Weekly Rundown.