Under normal circumstances, we’d be getting ready for our end of year concert at Manchester Academy.  Given everything that’s happened and still happening, there is nothing normal about 2020.  Not letting COVID get in the way of a good time though, on Saturday 12th December we’re taking it digitally with some of the talents from Stockport and Manchester.  The whole event will be live-streamed on our website from 6 pm with our DJs providing the vibes. Click the video above and turn your notifications on.


Check out the latest releases from the performing artists. Make sure you follow their socials and support their journey.

Dylan Beddz

A prodigy in the making, Dylan Beddz displays lyricism and delivery way beyond his young age of fourteen. Considering the significant success of his recent tracks ‘What’s The Point‘ and ‘Rainy Days‘, Beddz is one of the most exciting talents coming up in Manchester. Whilst we’re excited to see what 2021 brings for him, we’re pleased to say he’ll be ending his 2020 with us at our Xmas Live event.


Another of Manchester’s younger generation’s finest, Tays emits a sense of confidence in his craft that makes it impossible not to enjoy his music. His latest tracks have been fire, including ‘Hands Up‘ and ‘Star‘, the music video for the latter featuring Aitch. Tays is one of a number of emerging talents from North Manchester’s Moston, and we look forward to his forthcoming EP in the new year.



Despite his young age, Nemzzz has been making music for a few years now, and has certainly made a name for himself. His latest tracks such as ‘No More‘, ‘Transparent‘ and ‘Can’t Slip‘ have seen him establish a signature melodic flow that sets him apart from the rest. Nemzzz is certainly one to watch in 2021.

Lady Ice

Lady Ice is a household name in Manchester, having received positive critique from Sir Spyro, Kenny Allstar and Stormzy. Her latest single ‘No More Secrets‘ saw the artist delve deep into her childhood past and the various personal struggles she faced, unlocking a vulnerability that has only served to make her musical prowess stronger. We look forward to welcoming her on stage for our Xmas Live event.


One of Ashton’s finest wordsmiths, Zeph has spent the past few years perfecting his craft. Having released a number of singles, he brought out his debut EP ‘Initiation‘ last month. We’ll be treated to a full performance of this record at our Xmas Live event – you won’t want to miss it!