So, after 20 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the series is finally coming to a close.

Whatever your opinion is on them, they have changed the way the world watches TV. Anybody who says they have never even seen a glimpse of their show is either a liar, or has chosen to stay in a cave.

With their reunion show coming up with host Andy Cohen, we thought we would reel off some of our top classic moments from the franchise for your entertainment.

7th Place – Kris Jenner defending Rob by being savage to her daughters

6th Place – Filling a KUWTK time capsule

5th Place – Kanye persuading Kim to return to Paris after her armed robbery incident.

4th Place – The Handbag Swing

3rd Place – Kylie & Kendall get the birds & bees talk from their dad

2nd Place – Scott Disick’s prank call to Kris Jenner

1st Place – Kim, there’s people that are dying

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