Artists AJ Tracey and Mabel teased their Instagram followers last week by posting a cartoon version of themselves gaming together preparing their fandom for their latest chart- topper.  Tracy’s post included the caption ‘Can you guess who this is playing games with me? We just made a banger and wanna share it with you lot’. ‘West Ten’ has proved to be a hit, already reaching number 7 in the UK top 40 charts.

AJ has already achieved success this year with his tracks ‘Rain’ and ‘Dinner Guest’ having sat in the top 10 for weeks. Singer Mabel also appeared in this year’s top ten with her latest release ‘Boyfriend’.

This is not the first time the pair have come together as AJ Tracey also features on Cadenza’s remix of Mabel’s track ‘Thinking of You’.  The latest smash hit ‘West Ten’ was released on July the 3rd with the glitzy visuals also out now on YouTube.

Mabel’s smooth pop tone and vocals fuse perfectly with Tracy’s verses to make an instantly catchy melody. If you have not had a chance to check the track out, I would give ‘West Ten’ a listen.


Words by Jasmine Rowland