Featuring a star-studded line up of some of Amapiano’s biggest names, AMA Fest, which took place on the 2nd, went down as the perfect treat for African music fans and stands as a tribute to the success of the South African music genre as a whole. Here on Pie Radio, we are getting to break down the line up and some of the reactions from the festival goers online.

The Line-Up

Headlining the event of course was Tyler ICU who has dominated the genre this year with his viral song “Mnike”.

Mellow & Sleazy also took over the main stage, being Amapiano’s best duo right now and one of the genre’s most international acts after doing a Boiler Room set in Barcelona two months ago.

Focalistic is an artist who has made huge waves in the Amapiano sphere in the past two years and is honestly one of the genre’s pioneers. Songs like “Ke Star” and “Champion Sound” have become anthem level tracks within the community.

PCEE & Justin99 are both slightly newer artists compared to some of the other acts on the line up who have become a duo of rising stars in the past few months, collaborating with the ever -talented Uncle Waffles and Mr JazziQ.

Daliwonga is another artist who is a renowned hit-maker in the Amapiano scene with songs like, “Abo Mvelo” and “Izolo” which both have over 20 million views on Youtube.

This year’s line-up was extremely well-curated and incorporates all the right artists for fans to enjoy.

Internet Reactions

Toss has the vibez!

Toss put on a wicked high energy performance which saw him climbing the frame of the stage and getting lit with the crowd. The fans of course went crazy as he put on the daring display, making for a truly memorable moment.

Tyler ICU performs his hit song “Mnike”

UK Fans finally got the opportunity to see arguably the biggest Amapiano song of the year as Tyler and crew performed “Mnike” to a crowd of over 8500 people.

Mellow & Sleazy heat up BAMBA Tent

Amapiano’s golden duo strike again with another great show performing their hypnotic hits in the festival’s BAMBA Tent.

The Triumph of AMA Fest 2023.

The fact AMA Fest even went through this year is itself a triumph. After being criticised by Hertfordshire police and bidding to shut the festival down, AMA Fest has still gone down a successs and potentially opened the minds of many of the villagers and critics of the festival at Little Hadham. Here’s hoping that AMA Fest is even bigger and better in 2024!

Written by Jake Campbell.