With the country on lockdown, we understand there will be families out there who are struggling to keep it together.  Pie Radio is a youth-led radio station based in Stockport that supports young people across Stockport and Manchester.

Speaking to some of our young people and staff over the last week or so, we realised a lot of them with part-time work have been forced to stay at home with the closing of McDonald’s, KFC etc.  Their families depend on that extra income to provide food and shelter.

We are putting together a #PIERADIOCAREPACKAGE WORTH £10 per family with the essentials (rice, pasta, bread, milk, eggs, soap/shower gel).  This is not much but we hope it’ll put a smile on their faces for a few days.

We’ve gone through our phone book, spoken to some of our friends, local businesses and artists and have received a donation of £640.  We are also adding £500 from proceeds from our concerts last year.  The £1,140.00 raised so far will provide 140 #PIERADIOCAREPACKAGE for 140 families.

If you are blessed enough to be able to give back, please make a contribution, our goal is to help as many families as possible in Stockport and Manchester.  We created a gofundme campaign to raise more money and help out more families.

We created an Eventbrite page, families interested should complete their details, name, email address, mobile number and full address.  Our first set of drop-offs will be next Thursday and Friday.  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pie-radio-care-package-for-families-tickets-101726153664