The official numbers are in and ‘Black Panther’ had an impressive $242 million opening weekend.

The new Marvel movie performed beyond expectation over the four days, beating ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’  in its first weekend at domestic box office. The figures are also the second best long-weekend haul in history.

Black Panther is about honour, unity and strength and has earned universal praise from reviewers and film fans, making it the current number one movie in the world. The superhero epic has also received a lot media-coverage based on its strong cast and representation of black characters.

Black Panther Michelle Obama Tweet

Black Panther Michelle Obama Tweet

Michelle Obama and other public figure have tweeted in support of the film and the team. Kendrick Lamar created the sound-track ‘Black Panther: The Album’ which is also currently number one on the Billboard Charts.

The rapper also hired out three cinemas so that kids from underprivileged areas could go and see the movie. 

Make sure you go check it out, it’s not to be missed!