Gigs and Live Sports appear to have been confirmed to have the same level of Covid-19 transmission risk as going shopping.

So, remember those club nights they held in Liverpool earlier this month? And the test football matches at Wembley? Well, the results came back and things are looking promising…

Early reports from what were both amazing events and scientific trials show that the crowded, unmasked, zero social distancing gatherings, were no more or less dangerous of contracting Covid-19 than going to the shops or eating at a restaurant.

These trials have been run as the U.K. is expected to fully re-open on June 21st 2021.

The reports from these trials have been sent to the Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, who headed these trials. This is with the hope the hospitality, arts and sports sector, which has struggled the most throughout this whole pandemic, may be allowed to fully re-open soon.

There is however, an air of uncertainty. Since the arrival of the highly contagious variant from India has been found in the U.K. This could push back the dates further for these industries.

We for one, are remaining hopeful that we will all soon, go back to a reasonable sense of normality. We will even be able to attend these gigs, footy matches etc. without wearing masks or adhering to social distancing – BUT – you may be required to take a covid test prior to going. And those participating in the trial had to have tests afterwards.

The words from the Department of Culture was “promising”, and I for one, am hopeful that we see a return to live events sooner rather than later.

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