CZARFACE and MF DOOM have released a new collaborative album, Super What?

This is the first posthumous album since the death of the late, great MF DOOM. Him and CZARFACE (aka. a trio of Wu Tang giants), had intended to release the project last year, but because of a certain pandemic, they postponed the release date.

Their first collaboration album CZARFACE MEETS METALFACE was a critically acclaimed masterpiece. This second album (in my opinion) has managed to top it.

Super What? was initially slated by critics in 2020, which is why they went back to fine tune some elements, and man – it worked.

It also comes with a comic book to accompany the album (if you are lucky to grab a copy), written by CZARFACE’s Esoteric.

This collab is one of the perfect tributes that immortalises MF DOOM as a GOAT of hip-hop.

Listen to it here and let us know what you think @pieradiouk